Thursday, July 26, 2007

Feeling a Draft

The concept of proxy access, as we (and some wiser souls) have noted, is BIG. It fosters levels of hysteria usually reserved for things like doping on the Tour de France, or, in this country, Barry Bonds moving his lips.

In a brilliant move, the SEC is publishing two proposals – one for and one against proxy access. Chairman Cox, a former Congressman, has voted for both. (How foolish we have been, agonizing over life’s wrenching decisions when all this time we could have taken both The Road and The Road Not Taken. Take that, Robert Frost.)

Here’s the SEC’s official summary of its non-decision. As of this posting, the full proposals still aren’t released. Drafts are circulating among the in-crowd, but it’s summer, Harry Potter is 700-plus pages, and Barry Bonds just called that adorable Bob Costas a “little midget man,” so we are way too busy to read any draft documents.