Friday, October 20, 2006

Not So Wild

Update/admission of stupidity on yesterday's post about Wild Oats Markets, Inc.. and its soon-to-be departing CEO, Perry Odak:

Sometimes the Holy Grail turns out to be just a glass of Chianti. It appears this was not, after all, that dreamed-of instance where negotiations over a CEO's contract actually break down. No, Odak was canned, but with such uncanny politeness we were charmed into taking the official explanation literally. We wish Mr. Odak, who once headed Ben & Jerry’s, the best of luck with his job search. Keep it organic, man.
The goodbye kiss between Wild Oats and Odak sparked talk of an impending takeover, causing the stock price to shoot up like wheatgrass today. But analysts quickly dumped cold carrot juice on the whole affair. (Would someone make me stop this, please? It's not the least bit funny.)