Friday, September 05, 2008

Tyra and Carl

OK, yeah, so I’ve been posting at footnoted but I haven’t posted here in, like, forever.

Poring over documents for no money is a glamorous gig, but it can get a bit wearing sometimes. Hey, I’ll bet even Tyra Banks, said to be the hardest-working person in show business, occasionally tires of doing what she does. I'm not entirely clear what that is. but apparently she's paid well for doing it.

So I was tempted to stop blogging about SEC filings and return to thought pieces about filing my toenails. (As Tyra once said, “I have so many goals.”) But as I sat on the runway at the Proxyland airport, clutching my brown bag lunch of broken Sun Chips and a squashed ham sandwich, ready to take off and leave this URL behind forever, something happened.

A fellow blogger named Carl Icahn emailed me. (Carl, WTF? I wrote to you back in February, man.) Carl says he has Proxyland on his RSS feed. I’m taking Carl’s message as a sign, or perhaps a kick in the pants, and resuming my posting here. I welcome any requests, suggestions or provocations.

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