Monday, February 11, 2008

Windy City

I’m having a bit of a dust-up with the mainstream media today.

Two reasons:

(1) Rupert Murdoch is tormenting me. (More than usual, I mean.) You see, on January 30 I posted, rather randomly, about the insidious rise of the word “headwinds” as an all-purpose corporate excuse, and today The Wall Street Journal whined about the same silly thing - on the FRONT PAGE, no less, with nary a mention of Proxyland.

Next time be sweet, Rupert. A wink from you could get a girl someplace.

(2) My other complaint is that has made me add a new logo thing, and it’s an icky shade of blue and clashes with my color scheme.

1 comment:

Mike Figliuolo said...

At least your Forbes logo shows up! Me? My antispyware antivirus antimalware antiproductivity antijava programs are preventing me from inserting and viewing a simple line of code. Even the Geek Squad couldn't help. Nothing better than an overly paternalistic software industry saving us from ourselves and the evils that Java brings... I hate software.