Thursday, February 15, 2007


Shame on you, Michael Dell. It’s not nice to break up someone else's relationship on Valentine's Day.

Poor Solectron Corporation (SLR) announced yesterday that its CEO of four years, Michael Cannon, was dumping it to move in with Mr. Dell and play a role in his movie sequel: “CEO II: Eliminating Redundancies.”

Last week Mr. Dell painted himself as a DIY guy, bravely declaring to his employees (oops) and the press that he wasn't looking to hire a Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Cannon’s new job, however, bears the title of President, Global Operations. And we're told that all of Dell’s “manufacturing, procurement and supply chain activities” on every continent, possibly excluding Antarctica, will report to him.

I'm not in the fog of young love like Mr. Dell and Mr. Cannon, but nevertheless I'm confused.