Monday, October 09, 2006

Getting to Know You

Steve Jobs is dead. Long live Jonathan Schwartz.

Yes, with Mr. Jobs caught up in the options mess at Apple, it's time for all of us to shift our allegiance to a new hipstercrunchygranola CEO. Mr. Schwartz, head of Sun Microsystems, Inc. (SUNW) and avid blogger, is at the ready. I keep staring at his blog photo: Does the man have a ponytail or is something slithering up his back?

When I heard about Schwartz’s blog, I feared it would be more or less like this one. But it’s really not so bad, kind of, actually. I think.

All right, the truth is I can’t understand 90% of what Techie Boy says.

Here's one of his posts I do get. In a move that's gotten a fair amount of press, Schwartz is pushing the SEC to allow companies to use the internet - even blogs like his - to notify the public of material developments. He gripes that Regulation Fair Disclosure ("Reg FD," for you hipsters) forces Sun to put news out through "an anachronistic telephonic conference call" or "an equivalently anachronistic press release." The SEC kicked this one around in 2001, but hasn't made much progress since then. Apparently the agency is too busy making movies.

In this shot of Schwartz (scroll down), he looks awfully cuddly for a CEO. But Jonathan? Regulation Fair Disclosure doesn't require your jeans to be that tight.