Friday, March 06, 2009

One Blog Closes, Another Opens

Big news, dear readers.

Today I’m bidding a bittersweet farewell to Proxyland and launching a new blog called The Big Do-Over: Fixing Financial Regulation.

Why would anyone leave Proxyland, with its lush golf courses and private runways? Well, I started this blog back in 2006 because I saw that the folks supposedly monitoring America's boardrooms and C-suites (institutional investors, regulators and the mainstream media) suffered from an acute cynicism deficiency. Since they don’t sell cynicism supplements at The Vitamin Shop, I thought I’d take my personal surplus of the stuff and dole it out here for a while. It’s turned out to be a fascinating gig, though I’m slightly disappointed that I failed to save the world.

Here in March of 2009, the Cynicism Index is moving in an inverse relationship to the Dow, our 401(k)s, and everything else that we so desperately wish would go the hell up. So there's not much point in sitting here and cracking wise about the fact that corporate governance is an oxymoron. Everyone GETS IT now, and there’s tons of good writing out there that hammers the point home, day after day.

So I'm taking the next flight out of Proxyland, though the archives will remain here for as long as says it’s OK.

Meanwhile, the rough beast called financial regulation, its hour come round at last, will be slouching over to The Big Do-Over. I hope you'll put on a ratty bathrobe and slouch along with us. Pretty please, with my underemployment on top? (As an enticement, I'm serving virtual donuts on the new site.)

Many of the topics I've covered here, including executive compensation and corporate governance, will pop up frequently on The Big Do-Over, since no doubt they'll be the subject of who knows how many brilliant regulatory proposals.

Here's my first post on the new blog.

Many thanks - and a zillion billion virtual stock options - to everyone who’s ever visited Proxyland!

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